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This little country on a small island, that’s filled with rose gardens and rainy skies, has captivated our imaginations for centuries. London is one of the most visited cities in the world and works as gateway hub for travelers exploring the rest of the United Kingdom and Europe. When we think of England, we think of charming castles, pubs with funny names, country towns, cobbled streets, and double decker buses. England has long been a cultural wonderland filled with our favorite writers and artists. The country holds a lot of nostalgia for us all.
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For the most part England is pretty pricey, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow our advice you should be able to explore much more of England than you anticipated. This means more fun, more adventures, and more stories.

How to plan your trip:
Even if you would like to leave some spontaneity in your journey, the best money saving advice one can give is to plan your trip before you book flights. This leaves you room to search for the best prices on accommodation, transport and activities without having the restriction of pre-arranged travel. Make sure you research what you want to do in England and how you are going to do it - well before you request leave from work.

Bristol Street Art

Take the Coach. National Express and Mega Bus are almost always cheaper than the train, and if you book well enough in advance you can secure a seat for around 1 pound. They are well serviced, reliable, and comfortable. If making reservations overseas, make sure you book in pounds - It is a good habit for travellers to start getting used to the pound and calculating the conversions in your head.

In general, there is always relatively affordable accomodation found at hostels, pubs & guesthouses. To recieve the true british hospitality however, I recommend finding one of the many small bed & breakfasts. They are usually very good value for money, and often feel like you are staying in someones house, rather than a hotel. 


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Urban nights:
The one thing England is not short of are backpackers, and 9 out of 10 times they are located above some of the best and well-known pubs in England. For longer stays in England they often feel like a second home - the pub’s bar becomes your fridge and the dining lounge your living room. At around 10-15 pounds for a dorm room per night, they are often more comfortable and more memorable than a budget hotel.

Stay in nature:
There a few different options for reducing your costs in England whilst in the great outdoors. Camping is always going to be cheap. Best part is that there actually many place in England you can go wild camping/ camping for free. There are many apps and websites that help you navigate to wild campgrounds.
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Alternatively, you should look at B&B and Inns, which should only set you back around 20 pounds per night. Another great way to lump travel cost with accommodation is to rent a campervan - If you have your driver’s license, and are comfortable with stick shift. Using the wild camping method, renting a campervan can cost as little as 30-40 pounds per day.

The White Cliffs of Dover

Where to spend your money:

Avoid tours as much as possible. If you really have to go on one, much sure it covers a lot of what you want and that you get it for a discounted rate. Groupon is great for deal shopping, so I would suggest starting there. Plan what you would like to see ahead of time and then shortlist the places that will cost money.
Do you plan a tour of the tower of London or do you see a show in the West End? Pick one and then fill your time visiting glorious parks, free museums (yes public museums are free in England), and hunting for Banksy murals.


Firstly stay away from tourist traps, they are the restaurants and pubs you find located in touristy areas which are overpriced and lack authenticity. For cheap lunches and light dinners head to Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s which offer a variety of sandwiches, baked goods and fruit bags and should only set you back a few pounds. Otherwise keep your eye out for pub deals. Small boutique pubs will have really knock out food for a good price and Sunday roasts, a must have while you are here, are a British institution.


Local pubs offer lagers, ales and mixed drinks at very reasonable prices. Bars are a little more expensive but usually have more unusual themes and specialize in a particular type of spirit – opt for a Gin, Cider or Whiskey bar – after all, it is what the Brits do best.

Now that you’re in England:
You can leave and travel Europe, very, very cheaply. Ryan air has flights to Ireland from varying cities across the UK for sometimes as low at 2 pounds all in – no this is not a typo. Taking weekend getaways is one of the best parts of travelling in England, and Europe for that matter. Outside of Ryan Air, Easy Jet also has reasonable airfares and all inclusive packages.

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Bristol Street Art


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