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Australia is a sunburned country, a land of sweeping plains and visiting here for many is a trip of a lifetime. This huge and ancient island has an indigenous history that spans more than 40 000 years, and yet its western roots is still in its infancy by colonial standards. To make matters even stranger this English-speaking continent is geographically Asia. The combination of climate, geography and history make Australia an isolated land and a place far from home for many- but that is what makes it so appealing.  
Australia is a huge place and, for the most part, is fairly difficult to get around. There can be huge stretches of long straight empty roads with no towns, people or petrol stations. It is important you fill up regularly and know when and where you will be able to refuel. An app called GasBuddy will help you keep a full tank.
It’s also difficult to explore the whole country over a short period of time. If your stay in Australia will be limited make sure you research where you would like to go and where you would like to concentrate most of your time. This is the best way to make the most of your trip. 

How to plan your trip:
Australia is one of the most expensive places to travel, so if you have a limited budget you may want to re-consider visiting here just yet. The money that could provide for an extensive and amazing holiday in south-east Asia would barely last half a month in Australia. Part of the reason it is so expensive is because fuel is pricey, transport outside of the cities is very limited and being so far away from the rest of the world means the cost of living to be high.

If you are without a car, you may have to spend your money with tour groups, which isn't always ideal. Most Australian state laws only allow people over the age of 25 to rent a car, a potential problem for younger travellers. 

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Sydney Opera House

As far as airlines go, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Pacific, have reasonably priced fares to Australia from the US and Europe. But the absolute cheapest way to get to Australia (if you can’t find a reasonable direct fare) is to buy two one-way flights.
One from LA to Hawaii then Hawaii to the east coast (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast) or by buying a one-way flight to south-east Asia (Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore) and another one-way flight to an east-coast city.
If you are travelling to Australia from Europe, fares to Perth on the west coast, are much cheaper. The west coast of Australia is a beautiful and virtually uninhabited place, so the money spent here is well worth it. Alternatively, you can fly to Darwin from Asia for very cheap and find a Jet-star midnight deal to an east coast city. Whatever way you choose, you can fly to Australia for much less than the average $1500USD return. Be sure to have a long layover, you will regret it if you don’t. 

If you want to travel the country extensively, buddy up with people at hostels. That way if you are under the age of 25, you may be able to road trip with the friends, and create an experience that will last a lifetime.

Or you can buy your own car (make sure you buy a 4WD, as Australia is a very dusty, rocky and sandy place). Insurance is one of the biggest hurdles with car purchases in many countries, but in Australia, some states do not require compulsory insurance, which means acquiring insurance is a much easier process than in other nations.

 Greyhound buses also offer multi-destination services across Australia. Or you can find cheap fares with Jet Star or Tiger Air.
Queensland rail has a beautiful rail line to Cairns, which takes you up the east coast of Queensland from Brisbane, but it’s pretty pricey.

Australia is not short of picturesque wilderness areas, and for the most part, you can camp for free in Australia, it's a great way to see the country and get out in nature. If you are camping make sure you have all your food locked away securely and try not to bring sugary items. You need to keep your campsite immaculately clean, as bugs are just a fact of life in Australia. No matter where you are, you will have to get used to sharing your space with ants, roaches, spiders, ticks and flies. But don’t willingly invite them.

-If you are in the city, stay at a backpacker’s, here you will be able to make friends and cut down on your travel costs.
-Farm stays are another great way to stay in Australia affordably.
-Otherwise, you can stay for free-ish, by house-sitting or couch surfing.
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A Typical Laid Back Aussie

Urban nights:
As stated above, backpackers are a great way to meet travellers. You will be able to keep your costs down and stay cheaply in cities. They also are a gold mine of information. They should be your first point of call upon arriving in Australia. Backpackers will cost around $25USD per night on average

A subscribe to couch surfing or house sitting is a great option for budget travellers. Australian’s are friendly and laid back and will be more than happy to invite you into their homes. A subscription to www.trustedhousesitters.com is around $8USD per month.

Stay in nature:
A lot of places will allow you to camp for free, but make sure you find out first if you are allowed to camp. Farmers own an incredible amount of land and they probably won’t appreciate you camping in one of their fields without permission.

There are a few great websites that can help you find wild camping spots: www.freecampsitesaustralia.com.au

The Outback

Where to spend your money:

Queensland is definitely one of the most diverse states to travel through. It has beautiful red deserts in its interior, sub-tropical rainforests in the south-east, the Great Dividing Range, stretches of uninterrupted white sand beaches, buzzing cities, incredible wildlife, and the astonishing Great Barrier Reef.


It's hard to beat Melbourne for food. The city has one of the biggest communities of Italians outside of Italy and the biggest community of Greeks outside of Athens. The food here is wonderful and the farms surrounding Melbourne offer quality produce for home-cooks and restaurants alike. 

Beer and lots of it, the weather in summer is extremely hot and an ice cold beer is just about the most refreshing thing you can get. The lingo for beer take awhile to wrap your head around. Locals order the amber liquid may ask for a pint, schooner, Pot or Stubbie. Any og these terms however, will get you some sort of glass filled with beer.

Other than beer, Bundaberg Rum is the next most popular drink, especially if you are in QLD. Locals drink it with either dry ginger ale or coke. You can also buy it pre-mixed in a pack, just like you would a case of beer.

Now that you’re in Australia:
Lord Howe Island is a beautiful, and often forgotten place, out in the huge Pacific Ocean. There is spectacular diving, beautiful hiking trails and phenomenal sunsets. It is an expensive place to get to, but worth every penny. 


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The Great Ocean Road

Rooftop Cinema, Melbourne

The Quokkas 

Kakadu National PARK

Sydney Opera House

Lake Hillier

The Great Barrier Reef

Luna Park

An AFL Match